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In an interview with Alternative Press, fashion designer Julie Kucharski talks of her thirft-inspired brand, Left Hand LA, and more.


"I was always playing dress-up as a kid, and now, after watching old home videos, I see exactly where everything started," said Kucharski when asked what got her into fashion. "I was just in my mom’s heels and dresses running around. And then, in elementary school, I would ask to be dropped off at the mall. I’d just walk around and try things on and try to get a job—even though I was only in second or third grade."


When asked if her passions were supported at such a young age, Kucharski said, "Definitely. My mom realized that it was obviously a real love for clothing and started making my clothes. I think she thought that I was just going to be some kind of shopaholic, so she turned it around really fast and was like, “Let’s make our own and cut off the problem right now.” And then, on top of that, my dad was super thrifty. He taught me to how to thrift in like seventh grade. Combining those two skill sets is where it all started."


"At first, it was a hobby, but it was also my first love. It still is, really. I just ended up in L.A. and, as you do, ended up starting the brand here. I didn’t actually even think about having a brand until a friend of mine was like, 'What are you doing? Why are you just making all of these clothes? What’s the end goal here?'" said Kucharski about turning her personal passion into a business.


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When asked about sustainability in her brand, Kucharski said, "People always asked why I did one-of-one pieces. Business people would always be like, 'That’s not sustainable.' But, actually, that is sustainable, you know? And that’s the point. That’s what I want to do: Of course I want to save the planet. Of course I want to set a good example. I really just want to show the youth that if you put your mind to whatever your passion is, then you can do it from your house. You can do it with just those few supplies that you can find at the thrift store."

Information originally sourced from Alternative Press.