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The world of men's jewelry has been expanding in recent years, and Jacquie Aiche is one of the designers at the forefront. In an interview with JCK, she shared her excitement for her latest men's collection, as well as celebrities that have worn her work.


When asked about what inspired her latest men's collection, Aiche said, "Men have always asked me to create pieces for them, but before last year, I was so busy with the ladies that I just never had the time. Our first men’s collection came together so organically, and this one felt just as special. The pieces are wild and masculine, but they still hold refined elements that feel incredibly strong and grounded."



She was then asked about the latest trends that the men of Hollywood had been setting, saying, "I love seeing these men in their layers. It adds another dimension of confidence to their style that is subtle and so attractive—energy like that doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s not so much about the pieces they’re wearing, it’s about the way they feel in them. It gives off this personal and playful vibe that is magnetic, and I think it inspires men to explore different styles and minerals until they find what provides them with the most power."


When Aiche was asked about changes in the demand for men's jewelry during the pandemic, she said, "In these past months, all of us have been seeking new practices and forms of creative expression that just make us feel good. And like the ladies have always known, jewelry has the power to amplify energy. There’s nothing better than finding a piece that feels like it is yours before you even purchase it. Whether it’s a single gold chain or a stack of gemstone beaded bracelets, I’ve found that more and more men are opening up to trying new layers. And once your collection gets started, there’s no end."


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Aiche was then asked about her predictions of the biggest sellers this holiday season, to which she responded, "Crystals, in all of their forms. Everyone could use a little extra healing right now, and crystals are Mother Nature’s first aid kit. They can provide you with whatever your soul is craving—whether it’s clarity, serenity, love, or balance—the list goes on. It is the ultimate gift for your lover, your tribe, or yourself."

Information originally sourced from JCK.