The Kardashian crew have become synonymous with opulence, style and large walk-in closets. Kylie Jenner, perhaps the second-most famous Kardashian sister, has taken her astronomical earnings from her Kylie Cosmetics line and invested in some serious Hermes stock. She's giving her sisters a run for their money as she shares her purse closet.


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While you were busy Konmari-ing your space to tame the piles of stuff, Kylie was busy amassing more, more, more, and her handbag walk-in closet (we presume she has other walk-in closets for her clothes and shoes) really showcases all her hard work.

Her Hermes Birkin bags come in all colors of the rainbow from red togo to black box leather and back again. But she isn't exclusive to the French brand. We can also spot the essential quilted Chanel, canvas Louis Vuitton and trendy Gucci handbags. The closet looks positively endless because of the spotless mirrors behind the shelving, and we also spot a special air vent to circulate only the best of oxygen to her leather goods.

If we had to pick a favorite, we'd probably go with the beautiful Hermes Birkin in baby pink or dalmatian-effect black and white. But if you want to keep it classic in neutral hues, you can check out our stunning array of Hermes Birkin bags, available for purchase. Let them take a seat in your own walk-in closet at a great price.


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