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On top of a $625 Gucci baby carrier and a $12,500 Fendi carriage, Stormi Webster's mother has decided to purchase another expensive accessory, holding onto it until her daughter is old enough to use it. During a video segment entitled "My Purse Closet Tour," Kylie Jenner gave her fans a look around her closet, brimming with $250,000 worth of stuff. The cameras proceeded to wander with Jenner as she gave her tour, until she began talking of a purse that was a tad smaller than the others.


"Kourtney gave me this, which I think is super cute," she says of an unusually small hot pink Hermes Birkin, complete with golden clasp and hardware. "This one I'm definitely going to let Stormi wear probably when she says, 'Mommy I wanna carry a purse,' so this is probably going to be her first purse."


Jenner has amassed an impressive collection of bags, saving her very first accessories and storing them in this closet. One particular Prada made her feel a bit nostalgic. "This little bag, my mom also gave this to me and Kendall when we were babies," she says. "This is in all our baby photos, me and Kendall, we're always holding these at little holidays and events. I love this little coin purse." Check out the video of Kylie Jenner's  "Purse Closet Tour" below: