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April of last year saw the launch of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County cast member, Kristin Cavallari's Uncommon James jewelry collection. In 2018, she has already begun making the transition to Brick & Mortar retailing. Both Cavallari and her husband Jay Cutler settled in Nashville, Tennessee during the previous year, opening a 3,500-square-foot retail and office space for Uncommon James around the area according to WWD


The shop itself will be responsible for fulfillment of e-commerce orders as well as the launch of the Uncommon James new brand of homewares. The collection mentioned above, which includes copper Moscow Mule mugs and measuring spoons, will be sold alongside the 14k gold-plated jewelry often associated with Cavalleri's work. 


“Opening a store is an idea that I had been floating around for a few years, but we were never in one place long enough because we used to split our time between Chicago and Nashville,” Cavallari said in an interview with WWD. “It’s been a really great, fun challenge for me.”


Cavallari's store will also be involved in a collaborative effort with Australia-based children's clothing line Sapling Child, creating the Little James collection of clothing and accessories for babies. Little James will be exclusively sold in the Nashville store until its online launch during the Spring of 2019.


Cavallari also spoke with WWD regarding the atmosphere of Nashville and how it affects her venture, saying, “It’s a weird time for brick-and-mortar…. I do think Nashville, the city, is working in my favor because it’s such a destination for girls’ trips or bridal parties and things of that nature. I don’t see myself opening a store in every big city.”


Cavallari later mentioned in the interview that she could foresee several more Uncommon James stores opening up in the future. Locations such as Los Angeles, South Florida, and Texas have been considered.

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by Ashley bartlett

I think its amazing you took the leap and opened your store in nashville. Great location with trendy people. I have you thought about expanding amd opening a store in the west coast? Or have option of investors buy in like a chain to open stores where they want? I definitely woukd love a store in seattle its the right customer base and seattle is booming woth other big companies.