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Kim Kardashian's Classic Blossom Collection is currently being unveiled to the public, but the design elements have hit a controversial snag already. Yesterday, Jewelry designer Tanaya Henry publicly berated both Kardashian and photographer Marcus Hyde on social media, saying that the pair stole the concept of her collection entitled, Lace By Tanaya.

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Henry took to Instagram with photographic evidence, calling out the celebrity offenders with a long and furious message that read, "Shoutout to @kimkardashian and @marcushyde for completely jacking NOT ONLY my concept, but #LIPLACE too! Crazy part is @marcushyde was my friend long before he started working with @kanyewest & @kimkardashian and has shot @lacebytanaya countless times, but because he got a check out of this, he says it’s not his problem. Kim, you’ve pulled my product & you could’ve again for this shoot. Your whole family’s worn @lacebytanaya. You guys know who I am and you know my **** but pretend you don’t. I just said hi to Kanye on FaceTime 4 days ago. You guys are trash."

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Both Kardashian and Hyde are yet to respond to these accusations with a public statement of any sort, but the encroaching mob of angry Instagram users on the former's feed might cause the pair to act sooner rather than later.