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With news that the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital has applied some fresh paint to the railings outside it's front doors, word is spreading that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is set to deliver royal baby number three in the month of April. The railings are the backdrop to the now famous first glimpses of the new royal progeny, and we can't wait for the newest delivery!
The Duke and Duchess with Prince George. Photo courtesy of
The royals with Princess Charlotte. Photo courtesy of getty images
Having completed her last round of duties before officially going on maternity leave this past March 22, 2018, Kate is surely prepared for her new bundle of joy. But we have to wonder if Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, engages in the custom of gifting his gorgeous wife and barer of his children with the new trend: the push present. Has he put in a new order for a dazzling bauble with Cartier?
Push presents are gifts typically given to spouse or partner shortly after they have given birth, as a form of "compensation" for the struggles and discomfort of the pregnancy.   
The New York Times reported in 2007 that of a survey of 30,000 people on, nearly half of pregnant mothers wanted to receive a push present, and 38 percent of new mothers did get that special gift. 
It appears to be a new celebrity status symbol as well as a common occurrence with mere mortals.  And Prince William, if you are following along, our number one choice for your true-blue Duchess has to be the Farnese Blue diamond once owned by Marie Antoinette (we featured the bauble here). It will be available for purchase in May. Perfect timing and the perfect push present.
photo courtesy of Sothebys