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Want to look like royalty but balk at paying millions of dollars for a diamond crown? Want the style of Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge,  but cringe when you realize her wardrobe of couture is out of your reach? Look no further than Soru Jewelry, worn by the Duchess herself in 2016. The Duchess donned the brand's double-sided earrings (retailing for 130 British pounds) on an official visit to Canada, but you can easily wear these to your local Shula's and feel just as royal. 
Photo courtesy of Soru Jewelry

Another option fit for the princess with a higher budget is a beautiful pair of Annoushka earrings retailing for 1215 British pounds. The pearl earrings are suspended from diamond-encrusted hoop bars with rhodium finish to give it that vintage chic look. The Duchess has been spotted wearing these beautiful pearls on numerous occasions, and they certainly are within a plebeian's reach! 
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We are still quite partial to the beautiful G Collins and Sons tanzanite pendant Kate sports. The piece matches perfectly with her priceless engagement ring and is the perfect nod to Princess Diana, who often wore matching fine jewelry.
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Whatever the piece, we are sure the Duchess, who officially went on maternity leave this past week, will be inspiring all of us with more beautiful jewelry picks soon.
In the meantime, why not peruse the beautiful high-end pieces available at We even have a tanzanite fit for a queen.

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