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In an interview with WWD, Lalisa Manobal, music sensation and ANDAM fashion prize judge, sat down to discuss her judging strategies and her time in fashion.

When asked for advice on how to support young fashion designers in pop culture, and why, Manobal said, "Fashion and culture change consistently as time goes by. I think the role of young fashion designers is to experience and understand the fashion and culture of that generation to the fullest and assimilate it into the era. There are many talented and well-known fashion designers in this era already, but we should recognize and support those young designers who will lead the future fashion world."

"I love Paris. I fell in love with Paris on my first visit," said Manobal when asked what the city of Paris represents when it comes to fashion. "And I fall in love more and more every time I visit. The time I visited Paris for the Celine event, I was fortunate to visit a workshop and got to see how artisans work. I watched artisans embroider on fabric with a very sensitive and delicate touch. Also, thankfully, I got to take pictures with Hedi [Slimane]. It was a very meaningful moment."

When asked about why she agreed to join the jury for the ANDAM prize, Manobal said, "First of all, I’m very happy and honored to be able to be part of ANDAM this year. I was very surprised when I first got the invitation as a juror. Since I’m very new in the fashion world, I thought this could be quite an adventurous and challenging experience for me at first. But at the same time, I thought it would be an exciting experience and I would learn a lot from this opportunity. So I accepted the offer."

When asked about the varying candidates and what made them stand out, Manobal said, "It was very hard. It took me hours to choose! I wasn’t able to make decisions only by looking at portfolios, so I explored all the artists’ social pages to make the final decision. The style and characteristics of each artist’s work were distinctively different. So I could easily catch up with who and whose as I went over all the brands. I think that was a very eye-opening experience."

Information originally sourced from WWD.