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Anyone that has ever dressed up as a vampire for Halloween can recognize the plastic fangs pictured below. However, Miami-based jewelry brand Miansai is here to raise the bar in the form of some extravagant golden grills for anyone looking to get spooky this holiday season. Miansai is the favorite jewelry brand for celebs like Kate Hudson and Sofia Richie. The company's recent release of these one-size-fits-all golden vampire fangs will surely have people talking. They are made to order and will take two weeks to finish, so shoppers better purchase quickly if they're going to receive them in time for Halloween.



However, the caveat is a high starting price of $10,000 for the accessory. For customers who have consistently been made aware of Miansai's previous products, the price range should come as no surprise. Last year the brand revealed an 18-karat gold Juul which sold for $5,000 each.

As far as looks go, these golden fangs are designed to be near, if not entirely identical to their cheap plastic counterparts. Though, one could imagine the vampiric dentures weighing more than any pair found lining the aisles of a Halloween-themed costume store.



"We design simple and minimalist jewelry, the type of pieces that you can wear any time, anywhere," Saiger said in a recent interview with The Daily Mail. Miansai is a brand that has been around for 11 years now, and are primarily known for cuff bracelets one can screw on. "I started designing men’s jewelry because I kept searching for the perfect bracelet for myself and wasn’t finding anything," he continued. "I like my jewelry to be the kind of thing you don’t want to take off, something that's easy to wear and an essential part of your everyday lifestyle. My goal is for you to still be wearing our jewelry 20 years from now because the designs are timeless."

In addition to the blinged-out accessories that have already been mentioned, Miansai offers a 14-karat gold cookout set that goes for $65,000. One can only guess as to what this Miami-based jewelry and accessory brand will think of next as the holiday season presses forward.

Information originally sourced from DailyMail.