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Rhoxanne Villaseñor's newest line of fine jewelry Rhox is strictly a diamond and gold affair. Her brother Rhuigi of Rhude and herself both have backgrounds in design. She previously launched a jewelry brand called The Rhod named after her father several years prior. 

“As I’m getting older, it was important for me to be true to myself,” said Villaseñor to WWD. “The way we marketed and branded Rhox, it’s more studio-artistic. I’m using fruits to reflect body parts and shapes because I want people to visualize themselves without comparing [themselves to] another person. The images are vibrant, bright, and it’s a reflection of me and my spirit. I want to bring joy to people — I do it for a living.”

Villaseñor's works throughout the day as a member of the SoHo House Malibu's team. The location served as an inspiration for her latest collection, which is sold on Rhox's website for prices ranging from $100-300. Born in Manila, she later relocated to Saudi Arabia with her father who transferred for work.

“In Saudi Arabia, all I saw was gold,” she said. “Walking to shops, [there were] rolls of real gold chains. You just tell them how long you want it. They can make it for you on the spot.”

Villaseñor would later collaborate with Rhuigi and design a collection of jewelry for Rhude’s Men’s Fall 2020 Paris show. This had been the first time that she created work for her brother's brand, even though the two of them work together often in other avenues.

Rhox by Rhoxy Villaseñor


“[Rhuigi] wanted to introduce women’s,” she said. “My brother and I have a lot of conversation about the brand identity and what’s the goal. So when he told me he was doing women’s, we huddled up, and did a little design session.”

Rhox's current team of designers is a modest three people including Rhoxanne herself, but the designer sees the journey as a positive for creative women.

“It’s important to give younger women a chance to work for a dope, cool brand,” said Villaseñor. “Not a lot of women are given the opportunity to showcase their talents. That’s my goal: Expand my team and have cool, badass chicks.”

Information originally sourced from WWD.