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Arity is a luxury conglomerate that is led by highly experienced members of the jewelry industry. It had just done its first high-end jewelry auction at the Columbian auction house known as Lefebre. The jewelry itself was backed by NFT legacy certificates and the auction house became the first in the history of Latin America to sell NFT-backed jewelry. Singularity Earrings and the Matrix Ring by Arity were featured in the auction. 

This is only the beginning of my collaboration with the Arity team. I look forward to exploring innovative implementations of NFTs and blockchain technology in the high-end jewelry sector. Additionally, the work that Arity is doing to increase traceability and ensure sustainability in the supply chain of precious minerals is very important for the industry”, said Sheikha Fatima Al-Qassimi. Al-Qassimi is a well-respected jewelry designer that was recently featured in Vogue, and is part of the Ras al-Khaimah royal family. 

According to a statement from the director of Lefebre Auctions, Catalina Martinez, ”With blockchain, it is possible to create a direct bridge between art and technology, highlighting the artistic level that is evident in each jewel. These pieces are made with emeralds extracted from the well-known mine of Chivor with totally clean and sustainable processes and all this is traceable via the NFT.” 

About Arity 

Arity is a Web3 company using blockchain to innovate the market of luxury goods. Arity brings forward generations of experiences in emerald sourcing, mining, and jewelry design and deep crypto and NFT knowledge. Arity’s technology builds flawless chains of custody for precious possessions and immortalizes human craftsmanship in high-end jewelry and exotic experiences. Learn more about Arity at Arity. club 

About Lefebre Subastas 

LeFebre auction house located in Bogota Colombia has among its collection international artists such as Mondrian, Albers, Szyszlo, Dalí, Nierman, Soto, Rembrand, and a selection of Latin American religious paintings from different schools, Cuzqueña, Neogranadina, Virreinal. And great masters of Colombian art; with works by Omar Rayo, Ana Mercedes Hoyos, Olga de Amaral, Carlos Rojas, Roberto Pizano, Miguel Ángel Rojas, Luis Caballero, Manuel Hernández, Hugo Zapata, Edgar Negret, Eduardo Ramírez Villamizar, among others. Learn more about Lefebre at 

 Information and Photos originally sourced from Globe Newswire.