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Jade Lustig has recently become the proud owner of a flagship store of her brand Jade Trau in Southampton. In an interview with Hamptons, she talks of her recent big move and more.

"Honestly, after the year we've had I decided that life is too short to wait and opening a store in the Hamptons has been on my bucket list since shortly after I started my brand," said Lustig about her first store being in Southampton. "I'm really pumped to have the opportunity to stay local this summer but also be working and interacting with my friends and clients all day. I think this summer is going to feel like we are all getting a bit of freedom from the stress of this pandemic."

When asked about what customers can expect at the location, Lustig said, "Diamonds and gold and oodles of yummy chains and piercing parties and endless chatting about all things diamonds. We also love to work on custom projects and epic restyles from unworn diamond pieces."

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"I have two sides to my design inspiration," said Lustig when asked about where she draws her inspiration from. "One part is my constant pursuit for the new diamond classic, which is how I like to categorize my collection. After years of being a diamond buyer and making 'generic' diamond jewelry for friends and family, I wanted to find a way to create diamond classics that are not seasonal or ephemeral in their style, but still have a stylized point of view. The other side of my collection comes from my love of vintage jewelry, which I think comes through in many of my pieces. I collect old chains and watch fobs, keys and interesting clasps then I use them as a jumping off point for something contemporary and wearable."

"Casual luxe, I guess...I'm a jeans and t-shirt girl for the most part, with lots of jewelry layered on top of it," continued Trau about how she defines her company's aesthetic. "I definitely lean more monochromatic in my color palette, which is also probably why I stick to exclusively natural diamonds in the collection. I will say that I'm a sucker for a good red lipstick though and I really miss not having to strategize my lipstick/mask wearing."

Information originally sourced from Hamptons.