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Tatiana Ikasovic is not only a successful writer and actress but a jeweler who specializes in working with opals. Her brand Fade to Black is a modern business set on sustainable and eco-friendly jewelry as well as a dreamlike aesthetic.

When asked how Fade to Black came to be in an interview with Sporteluxe, Ikasovic said, "Well, I created Fade To Black because I felt there was no classic, minimalist opal jewelry on the market for a reasonable price point. I grew up in the jewelry industry, and my Dad has had a very successful business cutting and selling opals for 40 years. I was seeing a lot of tiny, overpriced and low-quality opals being used by a lot of jewelry companies on Instagram — there seemed to be a lack of education around the types of opals and how rare and special they are. We thought I could design a considered collection of pieces that were simple and beautiful. Jewelry is part of me, so I also love the fact that I could specialize in something specific. Something that isn’t overly trend-driven, but still has a nod to the times and is chic."

Ikasovic was then asked about her often use of opals in her work, saying, "They’re incredibly magical and rare. Each stone takes around 5 to 6 million years to form in the earth and develops slowly after ancient rains. They have a rich history and are beloved by Kings and Queens, scholars, poets — there’s an ethereal and otherworldly quality to them that is so utterly unique. Once you have an opal, it becomes like an addiction, a lot of people email me after they purchase our jewelry and they become obsessed with the stone and can’t get enough."


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When asked what's in the future for Fade to Black, Ikasovic said that she's, "Very excited to share that along with a new collection, we will be launching candles in the next couple of months — I’ve been working closely with the most divine French perfume house that’s based in LA on the dreamiest Fade To Black signature scent. I’ve been longing to expand our range. I would love to introduce some complementary items for the home, and this was a perfect time. My friends are all currently testing the samples and are loving it!"

Information originally sourced from Sporteluxe.