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In the fight for a safer, better world, the jewelry brand known as Knockout is mixing aesthetic with self-defense. Founder Kate Davis sat down with HypeBae to discuss her latest ring design, and how it can be used as both a fashion statement as well as a tool for self-defense.


When asked about the design as well as the practical aspects of the Knockout ring, Davis said, "my biggest consideration is that safety tools should feel physically accessible. I wanted to create a functional accessory that women put on with their other jewelry before leaving the house. It had to be fashionable enough to transition from a work environment to a nice restaurant or from a college student’s class to a party. So many of the traditional safety tools like pepper sprays or alarms aren’t quickly reachable and they’re not subtle. The beauty of the rings is that they’re always on your hand, but they look benign. When designing the rings, they had to be sharp enough to feel that you could use it if you needed to, but comfortable to wear all day without scratching yourself. [For example], the TKO lays flat on your hand, but when you flip it, the pointed edge faces up for protection."


Davis was then asked how the ring can be used in a self-defense situation. "My hope is that the rings are never needed, and I don’t promote them as an offensive fighting tool," she said. "The main intention is that you feel safer knowing you have a sharp edge available on your hand, and you project that confidence outward when you’re walking home at night or going to a party (post-COVID). On a practical level, all the rings have an edge that is pointed. Some of the styles point up as part of their design (like the Jab), whereas the Edge flips from flat to pointed. I’ve recently been talking with martial artists who love wearing the rings on their pinkies with a hammer punch in mind, if necessary."


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When asked if there will be any new pieces coming soon, Davis said, "Yes! I’m super excited to share that I’m launching a new safety product and accessory in 2021. I’m keeping it under wraps at the moment while I file design patents and sort out legal considerations, but I can’t wait to share more details soon."

Information originally sourced from HypeBae.