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Massachusetts-based jewelers, Garieri Jewelers have hit a nerve with their recent advertisement in the form of a billboard of a couple on a football field. The young man is down on one knee proposing to his wife-to-be as the text behind him reads, “If you’re going to take a knee this season, please have a ring in your hand!” 

Many drivers have been stepping out of their cars to photograph what they feel is a politically-charged dissent of opinion, thus giving the billboard a semi-viral status on the internet. 



Scott Garieri, owner of Garieri Jewelers in Sturbridge, Mass. as well as store manager (and Scott's daughter) Alexandria Garieri purposefully create marketing campaigns for their business that intend to form a dialogue between onlookers. 

While Scott Garieri revealed his disappointment in the way that NFL players have been protesting, he had not been challenging that they are within their rights to do so. Regarding the billboard, he added in an interview with JCK that, “We wanted to kind of make it funny, make it catchy. Never did I think it would offend anyone.”

While this recent move has allowed the angered populace to label him as a racist, he concluded simply that, “If someone is calling me a racist, it’s because they don’t know me. This wasn’t meant to offend. It’s just marketing.”