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Jennifer Lopez and Tiffany & Co. continue their symbiotic relationship in the star's new video for single, "Dinero". 

We find our girl, J.Lo, walking through the tall gates of her palatial residence, grasping a bedazzled bowling ball and throwing it down the hall. Next thing, she's  grilling what could only be top choice Wagyu beef over an open flame in lingerie and pearls. She throws a unsavory piece to the ground.

Jennifer then engages in some strip poker with a gaggle of handsome male models, presumably winning all hands since she's still fully clothed and bedecked in jewels.


If that didn't clue you in to her insurmontable wealth, maybe melting s'mores over a flaming pile of money will do the trick? We see that in the next scene and can't help but wince.

Exotic peacocks and ostriches seem to be JLo's pet of choice in lieu of your garden variety cat or dog. She takes an ostrich for a walk on a leash next. That's how you roll when you burn money for fun, we guess.

But don't forget, she's still humble, chowing down on a hoagie in an evening gown.

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Our favorite moment comes with the introduction of Cardi B. and her effervescent style and cameo rap. She "just wants her chips, guac and queso", guys. A woman after our own hearts. We find the ladies decked out in the finest of Tiffany jewels here, with Jennifer dripping in the Paper Flower collection recently spotted on Brooke Shields. A classy and glamorous sleepover party.


 In what can only be described as a calamity, we also see J.Lo defacing a gorgeous luxury car with spray paint. And this is why we can't have nice things.

We hesitate to call this the video of the year, guys, but we thoroughly enjoyed the requisite glamour of this formidable collaboration between the American jewelry house and J.Lo.

Lopez previously dazzled in "El Anillo", asking where that ring was, gyrating in various sets in various high jewelry pieces from Tiffany &Co. At one point, we even spot a gigantic diamond rock nestled in the signature Tiffany blue box.

Other looks abounded in the music video. Here, two of the five looks 

Which music video do you prefer, guys? Let us know!