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At France’s 10th Lumière Film Festival, Jane Fonda received on Friday night a Lumière Award, presented by filmmaker Costa-Gavras. Earlier, she gave a masterclass to a packed house at Lyon’s Théâtre des Célestins, speaking with Institut Lumiere director and Cannes chief Thierry Frémaux. 

The star wore a stunning David Webb "Starlight" necklace. The necklace is a hammered gold with brilliant cut diamonds and platinum. It retails for $96,000.00.

The actress discussed many topics, including if she liked being a "star". She responds: "Yes… (pause) I’m stupid, but I’m not crazy. There are people outside who want my autograph. But what does it mean to be a star? On the top of hills and mountains there are antennae. They’re called repeaters. They repeat the signals, the voices of those living in the valleys below – who can’t go across the mountains. I think that stars have the same role. To be like antennae at the top of the mountain who amplify the voices of those who aren’t stars."

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