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Beloved author and fashion icon, Jackie Collins may have passed away in 2015, but her enduring taste remains timeless.  Born in England, Collins made her home in Los Angeles where she became an integral part of American pop culture, with each of her 32 books landing a spot on the New York Times bestseller list.

Fortrove has been fortunate enough to acquire multiple pieces from Collins's estate which are currently available on their website.

For the absolute connoisseur, there is the exquisite Loree Rodkin Arrowhead 18K yellow gold diamond large pendant necklace. This piece features a beautiful yellow gold Arrowhead that is encrusted with diamonds, with a total estimated total weight of 6.5 carats. The pendant is typical of her elegant style and the warm tones of the yellow gold will look amazing with any coloring. This piece is perfect for a glamorous woman who loves to accessorize her world with beauty. 
The carnelian onyx charm pendant is the perfect choice for those looking for exquisite yet understated jewelry.  This lovely pendant has an Egyptian influence and its 44mm x 24mm size allows it to make a statement without being overwhelming or distracting. The rounded carnelian and onyx beads create visual interest and are complementary to the warm yellow gold of the cross-shaped pendant.
Ms. Collins was known for wearing statement pieces of the highest quality, and her taste in gorgeous rings is legendary. This 18K white gold diamond quatrefoil ankh ring designed by Loree Rodkin is an especially fantastic example of Collins's taste and discernment when it came to choosing her many important jewelry pieces. The fluidity and feeling of movement that this piece delivers are truly inspiring. If you are looking for a standout piece that will make a statement, this ring delivers.