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Israeli model and influencer Anne Zivi has 283k followers, and is the owner of her own jewelry brand, Fantasy Jewelry, which has been making waves in celebrity circles. In an interview with CEOWorld Magazine, Zivi talks about her brand as well as modeling and body positivity.

“As someone who isn’t tall and doesn’t have the type of body that many people expect from models, it was important to me to prove that even if you don’t have these attributes you can still be a model," said Zivi when asked why she got into modeling. "I love what modeling has offered me; it has allowed me the opportunity to work with many fashion designers and brands which are wonderful, and my favorite is definitely 69Slam Israel. I also got to be a part of a campaign for chocolate yogurt named YOLO and it’s my favorite photoshoot ever. It was a lot of fun, and it stands out as being a unique experience.”



When asked how she promotes body positivity as well as self-care, Zivi said, “I take classes for acting on camera, and I take care of my body by eating healthy and exercising. I also share my daily routine on my Instagram story in order to encourage other people to do the same. I look to others for inspiration, as well, and I especially like Hailey Bieber and the Kardashians. They are powerful women who have made a name for themselves in the industry. What I try to do every day is also what I would tell any aspiring model to do – have a healthy daily life routine, self-confidence, and keep exercising on a daily basis. The world can be cruel, and cyberbullying is a big problem, so it’s most important that everyone knows that they have value as they are so that they don’t fall prey to online trolls. As an influencer, it is something that I know can be difficult and it is my aim to use my platform to combat this cruelty.”

“I like that I can promote my own beliefs and values in society, however, this is a 24/7 job and you have to be available all the time and be prepared for being on camera. It’s a lot of pressure so I make sure that I keep my mind as healthy as my body,” said Zivi about her experience as an influencer.

Information originally sourced from CEOWorld Magazine.