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During the COVID-19 pandemic, wholesale jewelry supplier We Silver Jewels has noticed that its sales have gone up. Based in Houston, Texas, this online-only business has seen a nice uptick in sales as a result of people purchasing more things online due to the pandemic shutting everyone in. The sales of wholesale jewelry supplies has gone up and We Silver Jewels already has enough of an established online presence to take advantage of the vast amount of shoppers perusing the internet.

Demand for jewelry supplies like wholesale beads, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other types of jewelry have seen increased demand during the pandemic. Naturally, We Silver Jewels were happy to provide its inventory to shoppers. Although there were some members of the business that had a degree of optimism on the future of the company, even they were pleasantly surprised to see the increase in sales.

“As jewelry wholesalers, we were glad to see an increase in our sales and truth be told, we couldn't help but wonder about what was going on. But there's always a good explanation for everything,” said Tim Greene, who is the head of marketing of We Silver Jewels.

“The summer was a good period for us,” Greene then added, “a lot going on all these months. The pandemic kept us all inside, driving consumers to the edge and even those who never bothered with online orders before to discover the convenience of buying from home. It was a way out; perhaps, a way to subside our fear about the pandemic. And let's not forget that people still sent gifts to friends and family. And so, the existing online stores started selling big. New players appeared on the online market. And we saw our sales going up. Now, if one combines this situation with our summer sales on all wholesale jewelry supplies, it's like putting 2 & 2 together.”

E-commerce has certainly found a time in which to unexpectedly thrive, and jewelry wholesalers like We Silver Jewels is a prime example of it. Any further information about the company can be found on

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