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In an effort to bring philanthropy into the gift-giving season, I Remember & Company LLC has launched a jewelry collection that allows wearers to keep the memories of genocide victims with them always. Their unique pieces denoting the poignant subject matter are meant to bring more awareness to the issues of humanity with the I REMEMBER BRACELET™. 

The idea for the I REMEMBER BRACELET™ was propelled by Bonnie Glogover, who created it in loving memory of her late father, Holocaust survivor Stanley (Szlamek) Jackson Glogover (1925 –2013). The piece is intended to honor every victim and survivor throughout the world that has suffered through genocides both past and present. Glogover formed the I Remember & Company LLC by working together with her business partner, Philip J. Weisner, a Fifth Avenue jeweler who is also descended from Holocaust survivors. 

“Made in precious metals, the I REMEMBER BRACELET™ honors my father’s wartime experiences,” said Bonnie, “But its greater purpose is to educate and shine a light on the plight of victims who are endangered by genocidal regimes globally. More than an accessory, the bracelet inspires loving memories and is designed to evoke curiosity and meaningful dialogue between the wearer and any observer.”

“My design interpretation for the bracelet is derived from the train tracks at Birkenau where thousands of prisoners representing many faiths and nationalities were selected to live or perish," said Weisner, "The bracelet is a resonant symbol of defiance and hope.”

“Think of the bracelet as wearing history on your arm,” Bonnie said. “We consider it a story-telling device that has a powerful tale to tell. It can also serve as a bridge between generations. Now jewelry aficionados can literally be dressed to give and look good while doing good!”

All purchases of the I REMEMBER BRACELET will have a percentage donated to the USC Shoah Foundation. Not only that, but I Remember & Company LLC will be sending equal donations monthly to a new human rights charity. The I REMEMBER BRACELET collection contains bracelets in 18-carat white, rose and yellow gold. The words "I REMEMBER" are inscribed on the inside of the piece.

Information originally sourced from Jewish Link.