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The pandemic has given retail businesses pause for thought, and owners a challenging hurdle to leap over in matters of staying productive during a trying period of time. Jewelry Designer Andrea Fohrman shared her experience in an interview with JCK.


When asked about how life in quarantine has been, and who she's with and where, Fohrman said in the interview with JCK, "I’m based in Los Angeles, and for that I’m grateful—because we really have been able to be outside since March. Quarantine has been a mix of emotions. I’m so grateful for the time I’m getting to spend with my family at home, but there are so many unpredictable things happening from one day to the next, I have really had to learn more of a “go with the flow” attitude in order to stay sane. I’m quarantined with my husband, Sid, our two amazing kids, and our dogs, Luther and the newly adopted rescue puppy, Leo!"

"I find that my morning hike is crucial in the way my day plays out mentally, which, of course, completely affects everyone in my house," said Forhman when asked to describe her work regiments through the pandemic. "Getting outside for an hour by myself…really helps ground me and dig into what I must get done in the day. create a daily focus time to complete tasks that must be done that day and schedule calls and Zoom meetings during that time. There’s the creative part of this business that sometimes gets pushed aside because of the day-to-day running of my business, so through all of this my creative ideas are flowing more than ever and for that, I’m grateful. I try to have a routine of some sort that can easily be adaptable or switched up depending on the day. I’m running my business from my office room at home, while luckily being able to bring that work with me to my patio and enjoy some sunshine. On top of running my company, I’m fully involved in the running of my household. I also love cooking for my family, and so about five days a week, I’m creating different meals for each [person] because everyone is so particular…. I should have never allowed myself to become the short-order cook, but that is now my title."


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When it came to how this pandemic changed Fohrman's future business plans, she said, "We are constantly creating ways to navigate through this new normal. My team and I have had a lot more creative energy flowing since this began, and because of that we’ve been able to shift our plans and really get to know our customer. Getting to know my customer, again, seems to have brought back the reason why I got into this business. I love making pretty, colorful pieces of jewelry that they, in turn, feel connected to. This feels authentic and real, and I feel better about the process this way. Going forward, I will continue to design and create what feels good to me, not what I feel I have to in order to sell. That to me [has been] the silver lining."

Information originally sourced from JCK.