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In an interview with Billboard, Lisa Sahakian talks about her fashion brand Ian Charms and how it has taken over celebrity culture.

When asked about her inspiration behind certain names of pieces, particularly "the jenni," Sahakian said, "That one was named after the BLACKPINK star. She had come here to make customs, which was insane and super sick. Usually, it will be, 'Who did we meet this week?' It’s whatever the first thing is that comes to our minds. Max is usually the one who decides [the names of the necklaces], and we throw them back and forth. They usually have no meaning whatsoever. I think we’ve used 15 different nicknames that I call my dog as necklace names. It’s cool knowing that every necklace’s name is current and what’s going on with our lives at the time."

When asked which celebrity wearing Ian Charms has been a "pinch me" kind of moment, Sahakian said, "The craziest really ever was Bieber, just because it sort of happened by accident. I was trying to get him stuff forever and couldn’t. He stole necklaces from his wife. That’s how he started wearing them. Now I make him custom necklaces. But I literally grew up with one of those cutouts of him in my bedroom. I’m 27, so I grew up with him. Seeing he followed us on Instagram, it was the day I had gotten Lasik. My eyes were all messed up and dilated. I was like, 'What?!' I took a screenshot and had to zoom in a million times because I was so blind that day. I thought, maybe I’m just on medication and out of it. It was really crazy. My family knows how much I’ve always loved him, so they get so excited when he wears it. He’s the one person where I’m like, keep your cool. Don’t bug him. I do not harass him on DM at all. I’m so nervous to say something dumb. But Dua Lipa was the first person [to wear Ian Charms], so she was insane. I was on a walk and didn’t have my phone. I came back to 200 messages. I didn’t realize that’s how this stuff works -- someone wears it, and it goes everywhere. And then I was a huge fan of Emma Chamberlain, the YouTuber, so when she wore it, I made all those customs with her."

Information originally sourced from Billboard.