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Khadijah Yahaya is the creative director for the Deeja House of Fashion Unisex. In an interview with DailyTrust, she discusses the successes of her business and what sets her company apart from the usual fashion brands.

"I am a fashion entrepreneur with over three years experience in the fashion and entrepreneurial industry," said Yahaya when asked to talk about her business. "My passion for sewing, tailoring and fashion designing made me start my firm, specializing in both men and women’s clothing and fittings. The brand also specializes in beauty for both men and women ‘s skin and hair care’. We also train young adults and empower them with entrepreneurship skills in fashion. What has worked for us over the years or what makes our brand stand out is top-notch customer relationships we have been commended for."

When asked what the secret is to her business's growth, Yahaya said, "What actually pushed me into taking the bold step was the bad experiences with tailors such as countless delays on the delivery of finished products which caused a lot of inconveniences and disappointments. I got tired of the constant disappointment and I said to myself what better time to start than now, so I enrolled for the training and acquired the skills. While at training I got compliments on pieces I made. Upon the completion of the training program, I went ahead to build my brand. Another secret to our growth, creativity evolves with time, satisfying my customers is very important for me and it’s a priority, the satisfaction and excitement on a customer’s face is a joy for me, I have received several feedbacks for a top-notch customers care, good customer relationships grow the business and a satisfied customer will return and also bring referral customers."



"We have been able to maintain quality in fabric selection by looking out for the finest of fabric both in quality and body friendly to ensure satisfaction in finished product, carrying along customers in the production process from sourcing of fabrics, to cutting, joining and fitting of the finished product, also efficiency in responding to customer’s demands, specifications and giving adequate advice," said Yahaya when asked what her company does different from every other fashion brand. "Care process, like I love to call it is the fact that I think about my customers in terms of how to serve them, getting to know who they really are and what they really need by talking to them, something as simple as looking at a customer complexion goes a long way to determine colors to work with. We have also received 90% commendation from our customers for good quality, excellent service and prompt delivery of finished products."

Information originally sourced from DailyTrust.