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While the Oscars have come and gone, stylist Julie Ragolia sat down with E! News to talk about the looks of some particular celebs: Riz Ahmed and his wife Fatima Farheen Mirza, as well as LaKeith Stanfield.


When asked about the inspiration behind their looks, Ragolia said, "I mean, we talked about having a sense of ease, a commitment to sustainability. I'm not a celebrity stylist by trade, but I work with these guys because I love what it is that they stand for and what they represent culturally and so I'm having these conversations with them. I always think about what they stand for and who they are as human beings. I think expressing the personalities and also thinking about their values, like sustainability, working with brands that have the same commitment, and incorporating that into their looks as well."


When asked to share a preview of what they might be wearing, the stylist said, "Fatima is wearing a beautiful, beautiful bright color. With Riz, we've been playing with a lot of color throughout all of this award season, so you can imagine that we will take a spin to make something a little bit different than the approaches that he's been taking, but also keeping a consistent statement throughout. On the one hand, there'll be something a little bit different, but on the other hand, we've taken a very consistent theme throughout the award shows thus far and it's really enjoyable. It's really enjoyable to have consistency because then again, it feels like I'm expressing who he is as a person, as opposed to playing dress up, which is always very important for me to express who he is through his looks.


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"With LaKeith, where we're always quite playful and you can definitely expect that there will be a similar sense of playfulness, but at the same time, being very conscious of the fact that this is a difficult time for many so there's this constant balance between being respectful to the times and yet being celebratory of a very dynamic interesting wonderful moment for him, and for them both."

Information originally sourced from E!News.