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In an interview with HarpersBazaar, Sally Singer, Amazon's recent hire as Head of Fashion, discusses her role within the company and more.

"When I left my previous position I knew that my next role should be entirely digital," said Singer when asked what made her gravitate towards working within Amazon. "Don’t get me wrong: I love print—magazines, books, newspapers, catalogues, all of it—but even more I love the challenge of innovation, of what’s next for the culture and for my own journey. So when I was offered this position at Amazon it felt like the perfect next step. I had spent a decade documenting and celebrating global style; by joining Amazon I would be able to help nearly the entire world get dressed every day, and hopefully feel a little more extraordinary in the process."

When asked of the difference between her most recent role and what she did within the editorial industry, Singer said, "I have always had a broad view of fashion and style, and my editorial work from the start reflected a very inclusive idea of who and what should be celebrated as chic. I don’t think I have ever subscribed to normative notions of beauty and luxury and always tried in my writing and portfolios to celebrate the magical look of everyday life as it is lived everywhere. Now at Amazon, I’m interested in continuing to help find fashion solutions and inspiration for people the world over of every size, background, age, ability and means without friction or judgment. Fashion can accomplish so many difference objectives—to blend in or stand out, to offer solace or sizzle—but it should always bring joy. So this job is a huge responsibility and a privilege. And the differences between it and what I did before are all in the details of learning a very specific, new business."

When asked about the time management and planning aspects of her type of work compared to print editorial, Singer said, "In some ways it is quicker—Amazon has a “bias for action” so decisions (based on data) can be made lickety-split—and in other instances it can require longer lead times (for example, the development of different shopping experiences and innovations). What I enjoyed most in my past work in digital media was thinking hour by hour about the reader; I loved the challenge of marrying content to the rhythms of daily life, all the while taking into account time zones and geographies, niche audiences, and specific platforms. I love that whole massive puzzle. And I hope I can bring some of that multi-conversation, multi-narrative energy to Amazon Fashion."

Information originally sourced from HarpersBazaar.