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Jared the Galleria of Jewerly has changed its marketing tactics in order to appeal toward a growing millennial consumer base. The tagline "He Went To Jared" has been a staple for the Signet-owned retailer, who traded it in for a more inclusive campaign. “Dare to Be Devoted” is a call to these recent generations of marrying couples, celebrating their love no matter what sexual preference, color or creed.

Ad agency McKinney reveals the tagline to be part of a “top to bottom rebranding campaign,” and this will be the agency's first collaborative effort with Jared since the two partnered up earlier this year.

This recent campaign has been seen on TV, radio, and online since its November 5th launch. 

“We wanted to create something that celebrates devotion in all its forms,” said Jenny Nicholson, McKinney's group creative director in a statement. “The desire to commit ourselves deeply to another person is something we all share, even if the players in every story are different.”

Signet's flagship Kay Jewelers has decided to keep the classic tagline “Every Kiss Begins with Kay,” with Signet Jewelers spokesperson David Bouffard saying that “It remains foundational to Kay Jewelers.”

Information sourced originally from JCK.