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Hawaiian Vlogger Ava Jules has been making waves lately in fashion and jewelry with her latest collection with En Route. In an interview with Flaunt, she talks of her dreams as a child as well as her latest work.

When asked about her influences growing up, Jules said, "Right now, I love Claudia Sulewski. She’s been my favorite for years now, I love her creativity online. Jaci Smith, they’re all women in business who’ve created a big empire for themselves. All the people who inspire me have that same energy of having a goal and achieving it."

"As a little girl, I honestly thought I’d be a Doctornaut: a doctor in space," said Jules about her aspirations. "One, that doesn’t exist. Two, that’d take 12 years of school. I said “no way.” That dream faded out 7 years ago, which isn’t that long ago. I was only 13. [laughs] I never expected to do what I’m doing now, nothing in this sphere. I didn’t even know this was a thing, especially when I started doing Youtube. I was posting Justin Bieber videos, I didn’t know there was money involved. I didn’t realize there’s a whole digital realm. There’s actors, then there’s digital talent. I never knew I was accepted into the entertainment industry, but I love it."

When asked to explain her Earth-inspired jewelry collection with En Route, Jules said, "I’ve been wanting to make jewelry for so long. My grandma is a vintage jewelry collector, she has 30 boxes under her bed. Every time I saw her, she’d show me. I’ve always been obsessed with jewelry, my mom always wore jewelry. I’m the type of person, I don’t wear too many crazy, out there outfits, but accessories are where I’ll do a lot. I’ll wear bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, any type of jewelry. When I had this opportunity to work with them, they gave me full creative freedom. I was so excited, I have a flower and earth collection with them. Altogether it’s 8 or 10 different pieces. I took a lot of inspiration from my grandma's old jewelry collection. There are some dangly earrings, some flower earrings. None of the items I’ve seen anywhere else which is really cool, they’re definitely really unique."

Information originally sourced from Flaunt.