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This week will feature the launching of a collection filled to the brim with Greenland's rubies and pink sapphires. Although there have been designers that have implemented such stones into their jewelry, Danish luxury brand Hartmann's Jewellery will be the first to create an entire collection exclusively using both rubies and pink sapphires.

Venturing far from Greenland are fifty pieces featuring around 300 carats of rubies and pink sapphires. 



“The idea that corundum formed beneath this incredible landscape 3 billion years ago intrigued me,” said Ulrik Hartmann, founder, and owner of Hartmann’s. “Introducing this new source of ruby and pink sapphire, while also honoring its isolated, rare, and unique setting, will be a pleasure.”

The prices of the collection range from $1,500 to $45,000 at retail. Hartmann's website reveals that the launch will take place on Wednesday, November 21st. All of the pieces will be available for purchase in Scandinavia.