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The GyroGraff Endangered Species collection contains five unique watches from the British jeweler and watchmaker, Graff. These five pieces debuted (four of them at Baselworld) in support of the World Wildlife Fund. They depict five endangered species on their faces: a panda, a gorilla, an elephant, a tiger, and a rhino.

Graff watch fabrication

Graff builds the dials for this collection with an initial later as a background of midnight blue aventurine. The animal faces are then set meticulously, “using the mounts, the plaquettes, and the decorative elements—diamonds, pieces made of polished rhodium-plated white gold or matte or micro-blasted black gold, and, only in the case of the tiger, cognac sapphires.”

Graff gorilla watch

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The production of these watches involves a number of multiple components, as the makers must painstakingly implement 139 components, then 135, 127 and 112 on the gorilla, elephant, tiger, and panda respectively. Each dial features somewhere between three to six gold mounts, with each mount having white and black gold plaquettes.

All information originally sourced from JCK.