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Helberg Diamonds has been keeping their eye on recent matrimonial trends, noticing newlyweds opting for a less traditional ceremony from an ordained friend or relative. They have followed suit, enabling associates and qualifying employees to officiate and conduct weddings at any of their 200-plus stores. The Berkshire-Hathaway-owned chain announced its newest service on Tuesday, following its previous introduction of the placeholder engagement ring last year.

As of yesterday, couples may now be "Hitched by Helzberg," having only to bring one or more witnesses and a marriage certificate along for the ride. Also, the soon-to-be betrothed should keep in mind that this service is free of charge and only available during the store's regular hours of operation. Helzberg said that it has ordained "hundreds" of its approximately 1,700 nationwide associates. This was all made possible through an exclusive partnership with the Universal Life Church (ULC), which validates the ordination credentials for up to two years. A spokeswoman for Helzberg mentioned that the company would offer this matrimonial service “as long as there is customer interest,” adding that the goal is to have at least one or two ordained associates at every store. 



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During the preparatory phase, before the launch of this project, Helzberg Diamonds surveyed conducted a survey of millennial consumers ages 23-38. What the company found out is that the current generations are less adherent to traditional ways of doing things, and throw off the shackles of convention almost entirely.

The survey discovered that:
—91 percent of couples would consider eloping;
—63 percent of those already married would elope if they could do it again;
—56 percent who hope to get married said they would prefer a religious figure not officiate the wedding;
—59 percent of couples elope to save money, while 46 percent do it to avoid having to plan a ceremony and 43 percent do it keep the ceremony more intimate; and
—70 percent think it’s acceptable for women to propose to men.

“Inspired by these stories, we wanted to become the destination that could, and would, officiate for these couples in a relaxed and comfortable environment,” said Helzberg Diamonds' Chairwoman and CEO Beryl Raff.

Information originally sourced from National Jeweler.