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The oft-awaited collaborative effort between renowned Danish design house Georg Jensen and Sophie Bille Brahe has officially culminated in some dazzling 18k gold pieces with diamonds.


The Halo collection infuses 19 jewelry pieces with Brahe's geometric simplicity alongside her precise minimal and Scandinavian design elements. However, the spiral motif was implemented when Brahe looked through Jensen archives to find some works that would match well with the collection.



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The intended design of the "Halo" is not a jewelry influence, but one of a celestial nature, focusing on the Nordic lights as inspiration and the paintings of Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershøi, who depicted rays of sunlight through a view from a window.

“To me, Halo is also the special glow that a woman can have,” said Brahe in a statement to JCK. “A sort of aura that you can’t really define…an effortless attitude. I wanted to imbue the collection with this sense of refined effortlessness.”