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In an interview with InStyle, Gen Z influencer Rickey Thompson talks of his life as a fashion icon amidst working on the YSL Beauty Campaign.

"Authenticity is key," said Thompson. "There is always going to be someone who doesn't like you, but ignore that. When I started showcasing my life online and got a lot of positive feedback, it gave me confidence. By just being me, more people enjoy what I do. I don't have to try so hard or follow somebody else's life; I can just be myself. I'm always unapologetically me, and I never hide it."

When asked who his ultimate beauty crush is, Thompson said, "My ultimate beauty crush is Rihanna. I love that woman and everything she does. I could not stop staring at her [2021] Met Gala look. After she arrived on the carpet, no one else mattered to me."

When asked about what boosts his mood when feeling down, Thompson said, "My mood-booster is retail therapy. If I'm feeling low about myself, I buy outfits that will make me feel amazing. I love dressing myself in my imagination and building it around a scenario. I picture when I am going to wear that outfit, and it always comes true."

"Ever since I was young, I told myself that one day I would work with YSL Beauty. I finally manifested that and became part of their latest Nu Collection," said Thompson. "My go-to product is the YSL Beauty Nu Bare Look Tint because it's very natural and light. It is fitting that the products I am obsessed with showcase diversity; I think that is what the beauty world needs today. Why should beauty be held to one standard? We need more openness."
When asked about his morning routine, Thompson said, "I change up my routine, but my mornings [typically consist of] going for a workout followed by eating something healthy like an acai bowl or avocado toast. Then I take a shower and start my day with a brainstorm."
When asked about his earliest beauty memory, Thompson said, "My earliest beauty memory was when I was 14 and started to get into my personal skincare journey. I used to watch YouTube tutorials on how to get a natural glow or keep my skin clear. I was like, "Wow, there is a lot that goes into this whole beauty thing!" Now I've learned that the secret to keeping my glow is to drink a lot of water, use sunscreen daily, heavily moisturize, and not stress."
Information originally sourced from  InStyle.