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Ori Vechler, founder of Gemma Fine Jewelry, sat down with NetNewsLedger for an interview about the future of his brand, as well as how he got started in the jewelry industry.

When asked what got him into fine jewelry, Vechler said, "I come from a family of jewelry and diamond traders. After acquiring my GIA and learning from some of the greatest diamantaires, masters, and legacies of the industry, I tried joining the family business but felt drawn to forging direct connections with the clients instead. Since then, there has been no turning back for me."  


Vechler was also asked about the business side of things, and which parts he works in. "Well, as the CEO I supervise the overall functioning, but my greatest strength still remains in working directly with clients. Developing a piece of jewelry helps cultivate empathy and trust with the client that helps us re-create their imagination in diamond or gemstone," he said.

"Well, for starters, we not only create custom bespoke fine jewelry but a dream-like experience for international high-end private clients who seek to create one-of-a-kind pieces," said Vechler regarding what sets his brand apart from others. "We carefully craft and work with some of the rarest and finest GIA-graded diamonds and gemstones in the industry. Our pieces are custom-created based on an exchange of ideas between us and the client. We have our own in-house jewelry designers, with years of experience and education from highly accredited design schools, who hand draw the jewelry based on the client’s requests."

When asked about what the future holds for Gemma Fine Jewelry, Vechler said, "Well, ironically, it’s to continue in the tradition of the past. Coming from a long line of jewelry traders, I grew up with respect for those who design timeless pieces of jewelry, and those who have the discerning eye to appreciate a product intense beauty. As the brand continues to flourish throughout North America and the Middle East, I hope that Gemma Fine Jewelry is loved, aspired for, and remembered for its uniqueness and love for details."

Information originally sourced from NetNewsLedger.