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In a thoughtful move, Futura Jewelry has debuted their CHANGEMAKERS campaign which feature sustainable and ethical models from the Role Models Agency.

Each of the models were photographed wearing 18kt Fairmined Ecological gold jewelry from Futura's Legends and Essentials Collection.

"FUTURA is the future of jewelry. Many of us are just now realizing the statements we make with the jewelry we wear daily. You don’t have to choose between ethics and style with FUTURA. The story behind each design is something to be proud of, and for that reason, this has been one of our most exciting collaborations to date," said Valerie Emanuel, Co-Founder of Role Models Agency in a statement.


Role Models Agency puts ethics, sustainability, environmental, and social justice at the core of their business. Founded in 2017, the agency came to life from the desire to build a platform where models are given a voice to speak about things they believe in. We wanted to show the world that models can be incredible agents of change and help shift pop culture in the direction needed for a better future.


After more than 30 years of leading some of the world’s most prestigious luxury jewelry brands, FUTURA’s founder Bob Donofrio discovered the harsh reality of the environmental impact of mining gold for jewelry production: 99% of the world’s gold supply is produced by emitting toxic chemicals, including mercury and cyanide, into the ecosystem, and that 38% of the world’s mercury emissions come from irregulated gold mining. As most of this gold is used in the production of jewelry, Bob’s mission was then to create a brand that would lead change within the luxury jewelry industry that would directly impact the reduction of mercury emissions. Born out of this mission was FUTURA, a luxury jewelry brand with modern values at its core, crafted exclusively from 18-karat Certified FAIRMINED Ecological mercury-free gold. FUTURA’s gold comes from the three certified Fairmined mines in the world, that mine for gold without the use of toxic chemicals including mercury and cyanide. FUTURA’s gold is setting the standard for the future - for the jewelry industry and for the planet.

Information originally sourced from Yahoo Finance.