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Although video game consoles may seem like an odd incentive aimed towards the purchase of high-end diamond jewelry, Helzberg Diamonds is now entering their second year of such a practice. The company is offering a free Nintendo Switch gaming console for any customer that spends upwards of $1,199 during this holiday season.

On top of that, Helzberg is offering another tech-based gift for big spenders, adding a free Google Home Bundle to the mix. The bundle is for anyone that makes a holiday purchase of $599 or more. 

Last year, Helzberg Diamonds worked with Microsoft's gaming division, offering a free Xbox One S Starter Bundle along with purchases $999.99 and above, promoting the sales event throughout the previous holiday season. This year, in order for customers to apply for the free Nintendo Switch, they will need to enter the code "Nintendo" during an online purchase. Helzberg, along with their social media promotion, will be taking advantage of what analysts predict to be a great holiday sales event for the Nintendo Switch.

Information sourced originally from JCK.