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The jewelry world has lost an icon in Milanese goldsmith and founder of Pomellato, Pino Rabolini. The news came by way of a published obituary by WWD, explaining the jeweler's death by heart attack at the age of 82. 

Rabolini established Pomellato in 1967, where the company's inventive marketing would allow women to have a ready-to-wear jewelry brand for themselves, not just for upcoming events that would require more than casual dress. In fact, this descendent of goldsmiths was quick to name Pomellato's inspiration during the brand's 50th anniversary, admiring the female singers, ceramicists, and actresses in attendance. 

“I admired them all,” Rabolini said regarding the female attendees, “even though, given my character, I never needed a muse to inspire me. I always devoted my Pomellato creations to women.”

The company introduced their second venture, Dodo, in 1994, which appeals to a younger consumer crowd with low-karat, playfully made gold charms. The Rabolini family sold Pomellato to Kering in 2013, but were happy to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary this year, as well as its founder Pino Rabolini.