Many jewelry retailers in the U.S. have been feeling the effects of the pandemic now. One example includes custom jeweler Amanda Jaron who is the founder of Naples, Florida-based A. Jaron Fine Jewelry. In an interview with JCK, she discusses her business, quarantine, as well as how the pandemic has affected her store.


When asked by JCK about what kind of pieces customers have been looking for during the pandemic, Jaron responded, "Even though we’re all a bit depressed, we are still alive! Life continues even if we are in lockdown. Anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, babies being born, and engagements are still happening—in some cases more than ever. Jewelry will forever be the most perfect way to celebrate these life moments. With so much closed…my clients are finding me, thankfully. Being known as the designer that redesigns clients’ old jewelry, my blingovers are coming in now more than ever. My clients have had time to go to their safety deposit boxes and get out the old things in their collections for redesigning. Being that we’re in Florida, we have a more casual lifestyle. I spend a lot of time taking clients’ “fancy” pieces and making them more casual for everyday wear."

"Now we have masks, disinfectant spray, and hand sanitizer. I only do one-on-one, by appointment, six-feet-apart design consultations," said Jaron regarding a question on how the process of communication with clientele has changed due to COVID-19. "I have also done several design appointments via Zoom and FaceTime, for those afraid to leave their house," she continued. "I’ve also done house appointments and design appointments completely on text. I never used to give my cell number out, but now clients are texting me inspirations. Then I text designs and confirm sales without ever speaking live or seeing them. Custom design appointments all done with text—who would have thought?!"



When asked for her opinion on how the COVID-19 pandemic will change the world of jewelry retail and design, Jaron said, "Digital interaction. Clients that were not relying on the internet and social media before are now. I have spent as much time in the studio as I have online posting and interacting with my clients onlineMy 'Which would you choose?' posts have been a winner for me. I post pictures and time-lapse drawings of design options for my clients to vote on. It’s been fun to see the interaction and, in turn, gets other people digging through their jewelry boxes to see what they have to blingover."

Information originally sourced from JCK.

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