Bling Beverly Hills recently conducted an interview with Jack Abramov, former CEO, Chairman, and President of House of Taylor Jewelry. In the interview, Abramov discussed his dealings with the celebrity Elizabeth Taylor, and how they came to be business partners. When first asked of how the relationship got started, Jack Abramov replied by saying, "When it was over, I knew for sure that my life would have been better if we never met…but the experience was unforgettable."

"It's the summer of 2005. Monty and I visit Elizabeth at her home with Sterling Winters and their crew. It was Frank Sinatra's house previously … it's up in the hills of Bel Air, Israeli Security lives on the property 24/7. A chef prepared us food and drinks and we wait for about three hours before she comes downstairs," said Abramov.

"ET ran her business out of the home, collecting royalties from White Diamonds Perfume, publishing and running the ET Aids foundation there," he continued, "So many great pictures of her and celebs … she arrived in a wheelchair, we all looked right into her captivating eyes. Mendelson and security brought trays of her jewelry down for us to see it. She is wearing the Krupp Diamond on her finger. Mendelson shows us her amazing Bvlgari, Van Cleef, Cartier, David Webb pieces -- $200M worth of art on the walls with a very plain looking country ranch type home."

"Elizabeth knows her jewelry and she wanted to see and feel our jewelry and examine the construction and workmanship. We brought a suitcase full of bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings, and she was very excited. Liz picked out a bunch of pieces that she loved, stacks of diamond bangles; we left every one of them for her. Winters said he would pick up the tab."

Abramov later added that the two had a conversation regarding Liz's Hebrew name. "Liz says to me, "My Hebrew name is Elisheva, you can call me Eli Sheba, I'm Jewish too!"

Abramov certainly paints an interesting picture when he speaks of the Queen of Diamonds, the one and only, Elizabeth Taylor.

Information originally sourced from Bling Beverly Hills.

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