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There are many ways for jewelers to attract millennial consumers to their digital storefronts, but none as effective as social media promotions. One particular avenue that has been driving market trends upward has been the utilization of Instagram for selling jewelry. There are some specific fashions that have been given a marked boost to their sales as a result of the platform, according to


Source's upcoming book Stories From the Influencer Next Door. The company has explained that there have been five particular Jewelry trends gaining popularity and selling fast on Instagram. Even though rings, and subtle necklace pieces have been viewed as parts of a bigger, more impressive fashion ensemble, the successes of these pieces have been incentivizing young shoppers to purchase them.

The top five Jewelry trends that have been driving the sales on Instagram include, Fringe Earrings, Coin Necklaces, Geometric Earrings, Signet Rings, and last but not least, Hoop Earrings.