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The latest project from De Beers Diamonds has launched a partnership with five female jewelry designers. The ReSet Collective Campaign is a new line of pendants that showcase natural diamonds from Botswana, Africa.


“When De Beers Group started operating in Botswana, there were only three miles of tarred roads in a country that is larger than Spain,” said Colby Shergalis, Senior Vice President of De Beers Group Brand. “Today there are nearly 4,000. In 1966, there were only three secondary schools in the entire country. Today, there are about 300, and every child up to the age of 13 receives free schooling. From only 40 tertiary graduates a year, there are now over 15,000. Records from 1960 show the presence of only one doctor for every 47,652 people. Today there is one doctor for every 3,000 people.”


“We are in a unique position at De Beers in that we operate across the diamond pipeline, from exploration to retail, so we interact with much of the industry and witness first-hand the benefits that it creates,” says Shergalis. “But in general, even within the industry itself, many people are not aware of how diamond mining works and the positive impacts that it brings. Ultimately, we wanted to help the designers feel confident about where diamonds came from, make informed decisions about what gems they choose to use in their designs, and in turn be able to share this information with their customers.” 


The designers involved include JadeTrau, Jennie Kwon, Julez Bryant, Sara Weinstock, and Zoë Chicco. 

According to a statement by Kwon, "We formed a special bond while we were out in Botswana, and we wanted to commemorate the experience by collaborating on a project that would live on beyond the trip. While there, we came upon a leopard that was stretched on a branch. This one moment that really stuck with me became the basis for my pendant design.”


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The designers and De Beers picked Indira Scott to model their work in the campaign shots. “The Collective wanted to partner with a high-profile model, not only to showcase the beauty of the pendants but also to share the message of the importance of sustainability and responsible sourcing, which the pendants represent,” Shergalis continued. “With Indira’s clear passion for inclusivity, protection of nature and education, alongside her incredible modeling credentials, the Collective has been thrilled to work with her to showcase the pendants and share the story so passionately.”

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