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Diana, Princess of Wales, often set trends without any intention to. Her life was inspected under a microscope at all times, her appearance often assessed with a fine-toothed comb. But in those moments when her personality and style showed through, it was so often appreciated by the people. Those subtle nods to fashion and finery were then recreated and emulated by the masses.

Below, our favorite Princess Diana jewelry moments:

1. Sapphire Engagement Ring



This now priceless heirloom was considered a quite unconventional kind of engagement ring at the time it was bestowed to Lady Diana by Prince Charles. It went on to set a trend with gemstone engagement rings. Today, Kate Middleton also wears the engagement ring after Prince William proposed to her.

2. Charm Bracelet


Princess Diana wore this chunky gold bracelet often. It is said to have charms with initials for her sons, "W" for William and "H" for Harry as well an "X" for her tenth wedding anniversary to Charles, Prince of Wales.

3. Cartier Trinity Ring


Princess Diana is pictured here wearing the classic intertwined ring by Cartier, along with a small signet ring stacked underneath. Stacking rings is a huge trend today, but it's truly best on a royal.

4.  Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II Brooch


This Royal broach is bestowed on deserving members of the royal family. Princess Diana wore the painted enamel and diamond brooch to many occasions throughout the years.  Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, has not yet been "honoured" with the Royal pin, but is expected to earn the nod shortly after her strong efforts to bring attention to mental health nationally.

5. Pearl Necklaces



From the stunning seven-row necklace with opulent sapphire center to roped strands against her black dresses, Princess Diana did not shy away from pearls, especially in the 1980's. Our favorite is still the lovely necklace gifted to her from the Crowned Prince of Saudia Arabia for her wedding. This necklace is truly iconic.