The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) has recently released an exclusive interview with Dancing With The Stars judge and host of The Talk, Carrie Ann Inaba. Inaba modeled for the covers of magazines within the jewelry industry, wearing the 2019 AGTA Spectrum Awards Winning Collection. Her photoshoot was shot by Brian Bowen Smith. In the interview with AGTA, Inaba said that "It was an honor to wear one-of-a-kind works that were created by craftsmen.” Inaba was born in Hawaii and worked to become a well-known dancer, choreographer, tv personality, and actress. Her renown has led to her sporting some beautiful jewelry, and her origins helped her recall what every girl would wear on the islands. According to her, 24K gold and Jade bracelets would have Hawaiian names on them.

When it comes to wearing the right pieces while in the judging seat on Dancing With The Stars, Inaba says that "The jewelry choice has often been more important than the dress choice, as what you see when I am in the judge's seat is really from the waist up.”

Inaba tends to prefer “deep green” colored stones and prefers to keep it simple when it comes to dressing up for the show. "Nothing really ornate unless it's paired with a simple dress where you let the jewelry be a highlight,” says Inaba.

She is often known to accessorize. Inaba said during the interview, "I love a great statement ring or earrings. My stylist always teases me, as the one thing I always do is accessorize, even before I come to work.”

Her favorite kind of stones to wear is black Tourmaline. She says she wears that stone most often than others, praising its accessibility against multiple colors. Another of her favorites includes hoop earrings. "I like small gold earrings that have parts that move," she says. "My choice of jewelry is like stylization of a move. Jewelry adds the special flare – similar to how I create choreography in dance – and can subtly tell the eyes where to go.” To Inaba, the artistry of the pieces is as important as any other quality.

Information originally sourced from PR Newswire.

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