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In an interview with Trend Spotter, fashion trend forecaster Leigh Gallagher talks of the future of fashion and social media and the duties of her job.


When asked how Social Media and technology have played a part in impacting the way people shop for fashion, Gallagher said, "Technology and social media have had a huge impact on the way trends evolve. We don’t have to rely on the catwalks for fashion trends anymore, trends can be born instantly online. Plus it’s not just about a key item anymore and waiting for it to go on general release to the public, it’s about who’s wearing that item/where/when/how many likes/followers/tweets did that post gain? These days everyone with a smart phone is a budding photographer/blogger/Insta-celebrity. Anyone has access now through Instagram to see behind the scenes at fashion shows, get sneak peeks of limited edition pieces before they go on sale, follow their favorite celebrity and see what they wear everyday and base their own wardrobe around this. As the trend shifts more towards ‘Instafamous’ rather than celebrities I tend to focus my research on these insta-celebrities, ordinary ‘real’ people who have gained a huge following. They tend to influence my consumer more as their style is accessible and achievable, unlike some celebrities. We also see more slow burning trends items e.g. Valentino Rockstud shoe has been one of the most iconic shoes featured on blogs, posted on Instagram and still favored by many fashionistas to this day on social media, even though its first release was back in 2010. This would have been a fashion faux pas in the past to be seen wearing a shoe from so many seasons ago! But now social media has given a new lease of life to old trends or iconic pieces again or younger generations to enjoy and obsess over again."


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When asked about her role as a trend forecaster, particularly for Supré, Gallagher said, "Every day is different, it’s like being on a rollercoaster, as no two days are the same but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I thrive off the speed in which we put ideas into work and the results are amazing! I might be traveling around the world for color and trend inspiration one week, in the middle of a bustling fabric market the next or sitting in my pj’s researching on my iPad! Research plays a huge part in my role and I’m very lucky to get the opportunity to travel – I can’t complain…well except maybe about the food on planes and long waits at airport security queues and lounges, luckily they’re great places to take pictures of people around me and read trashy celeb mags!"

Information originally sourced from Trend Spotter.