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In an interview with Harper's Bazaar, fashion photographer Agata Pospieszynska talks of her career and influences throughout.

When asked how she first got into photography, let alone fashion photography, Pospieszynska, "I wish I was one of those people who always knew what they wanted to do. I spent my youth in the horse saddle, show jumping and being a stuntwoman. My family was horrified as it was not the future they wanted for me. I've been asked to be a lawyer, accountant and to work in a bank, but all of this sounded so boring to me. I studied horse breeding for three years just to discover it wasn't what I want to do. By the time I got an old camera from my grandad and took lots of pictures of my horse and dog, then pictures of my friends, it seemed I was quite good at it and enjoyed it a lot. I decided to drop my horse studies and join a photographic school. I started with reportage, but one day I was doing an internship in a studio and saw Italian Vogue with Paolo Roversi and Peter Lindberg's work. I was mesmerized; I wanted to shoot like this and I wanted to do fashion. So I stayed in the studio and learned as much as I could."


When asked what piece of career advice influenced her the most in her life, Pospieszynska said,"Funnily enough, it was Paolo Roversi who once told me at a workshop in Stockholm to 'leave Poland and try to make it in one of the big fashion cities'. I moved to London not much later and things kicked off pretty fast."


Pospieszynska was asked about her favorite Bazaar UK shoot and the reason why it stood out above the rest, to which she said, "It’s a tough question since there have been so many of them. I loved the 'white' story with five girls (pictured above); that shoot brought me one of my favorite covers. Photographing Drake Burnette in Scotland also felt very special."


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When asked what her first-ever portrait commission was as a photographer, Pospieszynska said, "Portraiting a horse. As for fashion, I'm pretty sure I started with some Polish independent magazines. I'll be always grateful to the former editor-in-chief Justine Picardie and Harper's Bazaar magazine for commissioning me for my first big editorial job in the UK."

Information originally sourced from Harper's Bazaar.