After almost 2 decades, fashion label owner Zac Posen had to shudder the doors of his brand in 2019. His dresses were worn by the likes of Cardi B and more. In an interview with PAPER, Posen talks of his more recent projects during the pandemic as well as hope for his brand's possible return in a new form.

When asked about any current projects, Posen said, "I'm working on quite a few different entertainment projects within the food space, gardening space, scripted, etc. I like storytelling. That's a big part of what I did in fashion and it's exciting to be able to have the time to develop and reflect. I think we lived in a moment when everything was so fast paced and everything had become — even if we didn't want it to be — slightly disposable. And I think that in a sense, this crazy time we're living in creates this refocus on value, on what it takes to craft something or make something and time to perfect things. As we look to the future, I've always been looking at technology and I've always been looking at how technology exists with craft because I think human craft remains, but it kind of gets explored and showcased through digital today. So we have to remain human and tactile."

Posen was then asked if there will ever be a chance to bring back his eponymous brand, or if it will be the same as it once was. "No, definitely not," he said. "I think that fashion is rapidly changing. I think what defines fashion in some way is changing. The brand still exists. I am a consultant. But I'm very happy working on my solo pieces and giving them the attention that I feel that they need. And I think culturally the world is different. And I think that retail has changed. I think the consumer has changed and I think overall the whole model has to be really, really looked at. And that's something that I am constantly thinking about. That being said, there's some interesting stuff worth exploring like the potential of working for another brand in the future. We'll see. What I have the time to do now is really look into myself and think, "is this right?" Because I was so much on the go 24/7 for so long. It's been a really exciting time where I'm able to refocus and to really be healthy. I've always been healthy, but it's difficult when you're traveling to the extent that I was traveling and doing so many collections and. It's been great to be able to focus on that: get fit, get strong and get ready for the next chapter. The next act."

Information originally sourced from PAPER.

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