One of the most prominent voices in jewelry retailing is founder of the online jewelry retail boutique Milestones by Ashleigh Bergman, Ashleigh Bergman sat down with JCK to discuss her experiences within the jewelry industry and her visibility on her company's social media.

When asked what made her want to be a digital retailer over physical, Bergman said, "I love brick-and-mortar retailing, but I know that’s not where things are right now. So I try to create a ­comfortable feeling in my online space. When I left Anthropologie, I was always personal-shopping for people. I would call brands, and they would give me merchandise on memo. I started posting styles on Instagram, and people were buying things from me from all over the world. I love the access I have to so many more people online."


"In the beginning, it was only about the jewelry. I didn’t put my face on it," said Bergman when asked why she became the primary model for her jewelry line. "Then I started realizing—looking back to my Fred Segal days with me on the sales floor—that putting my face on the brand helps to establish trust with people. I started showing myself and started having personal ­relationships with my clients. We would be talking about our kids, and just the craziest things. The brand is me. Ninety-nine percent of the jewelry on the site is photographed by me. Every time I’m in a showroom, people are like, 'Can I help you take a photo?' And I’m like, 'No, I’ve done this for thousands of years, and have taken thousands of pictures of myself.'"


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When asked about her collaborations with well-known designers during her Ashleigh Bergman Collective jewelry series, Bergman said, "The collective came about in 2019 after I’d worked closely with a few brands for over a decade. It was a one-time thing, but we still sell the pieces. I didn’t want to create a collection, but I’m a designer and I do have ideas of things I want to create that aren’t in the market. It started with me ­working on one piece with one designer, then it was like, “What if I pick my favorite designers and I make one or two pieces and create a little collection?” They sell it and I sell it."

Information originally sourced from JCK.

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