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YOON and VERBAL are the AMBUSH duo that has been cultivating their Tokyo-based fashion brand for some time now, making it one of the most well-respected businesses in the fashion industry. The pair has worked with both Nike and Converse as well as set up their own collections, including the upcoming Fall/Winter 2020 collection. In an interview with HYPEBAE, YOON sat down to discuss the newest collection as well as how the pandemic has affected the fashion industry.

When asked about how the concept of the upcoming 2020 collection came about, YOON said, "The ease, stillness, and the eeriness of the countryside in Japan. It’s a sort of beautiful delirium kind of a collection. Round the time when we were kicking off the collection, I was spending lots of time out of Tokyo visiting factories and enjoyed the slow pace. I wanted to capture the mood through fragmented, disjointed, little concern for linear narrative, which is often what we experience as city people when we travel to unfamiliar places."



"I believe that reinvention is evolution," said YOON about how the fashion industry can evolve in the midst of a pandemic. "A change was necessary whether there was COVID or not. There are many challenges we face as everyone is figuring out things one step at a time; however, I believe that brands with a strong point of view and a great community of customers will get stronger and rise above."

When asked how AMBUSH has developed over the years, YOON said that "We have definitely matured and diversified into different categories. Starting apparel was the biggest for us as it brought a dimension to the brand’s world. Taking the step to bring the brand to Paris from Tokyo back in 2015 was another big step for us since it helped us go play in the bigger world stage."

"We will have our SS21 presented during Fashion Week in September," YOON said regarding future plans for the fashion brand. "There are few fun and exciting collaborations lined up from end of August until rest of the year like Nike, Converse, Beats and more! Also, we will be launching a brand-new website in the fall so stay tuned!"

Information originally sourced from HYPEBAE.