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Fashion designer and Vol(t)age founder Claudie Grisius sat down with Delano to discuss her company's adjustments throughout the pandemic as well as her career pivot from law to fashion.

When asked about the fall of fashion purchases during the pandemic and how her business had taken it, Grisius said, "We saw the reverse happen because we designed masks. I think we were the first Luxembourg designer to produce masks. We were really proud to have reacted that quickly. It was quite a risk to take, because we made large numbers but they sold quite well. From the pandemic, obviously we sold less prêt-à-porter (ready to wear) and silk scarves. I’ve noticed that since the restaurants reopened people are coming back to buy these things. It has nothing to do with the weather. We really noticed the shift in the last 10 days, people want to look good again."

When asked how she got into fashion from her original work in law, Grisius said, "I was a lawyer for 17 years, working in corporate law with Clifford Chance. It’s difficult when you’re 18. You’re supposed to choose a path, but I didn’t know what I should be doing. My father was a banker. I thought if you study law you can do anything afterwards. Then I got lost as a lawyer. I was always interested in fashion and clothes. I liked decorating my house, being creative and interested in beauty and decoration. I didn’t have experience making clothes, though I was buying loads of clothes. My sister is much more technical and took sewing classes. She’s the technician in our couple. This is what helped us get really creative and get constructive with this creative side."

"I’m often envied by people who tell me they’re quite jealous I knew what I wanted to do," said Grisius about her switch in career. "I think the most difficult part is to have an idea you can work on. For me it wasn’t brave at all, I knew what I wanted to do. If you know what you want to do it’s easier to take the leap of faith to do it. If you’re passionate about something you don’t really need the bravery you just do it, it comes naturally. It’s like a calling."

Information originally sourced from Delano.